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Treating acne not only takes a toll on your skin, but also on your confidence. No matter how often you breakout, it simply isn’t pretty. That red, white, swollen appearance of a blemish is just maddening, tremendously embarrassing and burdensome problem. Many attribute their acne to hormonal changes and oily skin. But pimples aren’t only for teenagers or for people with oily skin. Not many people will believe it, but acne and dry skin can occur both at the same time. It is a general belief that people with dry skin do not experience acne, but that’s not the truth. There are a variety of factors that can cause acne blemishes. According to the study conducted by the University of Alabama, around 43% people in their 20s get acne, and about 20% in their 30s. The good news is that with a little bit of skin care, most of the people can reduce or even stop breakouts completely.

What causes acne?

  • Acne develops because of hormonal shifts, during puberty, menstrual period and sometimes prior to menopause. Hormonal shifts causes overproduction of oil and cells inside a skin follicle and thereby clogging the pores and creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth.
  • If you are using products that are drying your skin, or creating hindrance in proper exfoliation and cleansing of your skin, it will lead to accumulation of excess dead skin cells that clogs the pores.

Acne treatment

Acne treatment aims at reducing or clearing up the spots through skin care treatments that inhibits sebum production, limits bacterial growth and encourages shedding of skin and unclogging pores. However, conventional treatment can provide relief. Since many of these therapies can have side effects, you should proceed with caution when trying new treatment.

  • Apply acne treatment products in the morning and at night.
  • Do not squeeze pimple as it will only make it worse.
  • Use only oil free medicated products to clear up zits.
  • Clean your face in the morning and in the night before you go to sleep with oil-free cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This will help you get rid of current blemishes and keep more from popping up.

Prevent acne breakouts

  • One of the best things you can do to help your acne and dry skin is to apply moisturizer daily. It will improve appearance of your skin and prevent it from drying out.
  • You can avoid breakout by applying products that are oil free and non comedogenic.
  • Get your skin exfoliated once or twice a week to get rid of excess skin cells.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat foods that nourishes and hydrate your skin.
  • Limit your dairy intake. That’s because too much dairy can cause oil glands to kick into high gear.
  • If you have a severe and persistent case of acne, you should consult dermatologist.

Even if you rarely breakout, you may experience pimples at some point in your life. Now that you have the above guidelines, you can follow them minimize the amount of time you have to deal with this problem.

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