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Although skin type is genetically predisposed, internal and external factors such as stress, medications, climate, dietary habits, hormones, and your skin care routine can greatly alter the health of your skin. In order to make the right decisions for your skin you’ll have to know what skin type you have!

There are five common skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, and Sensitive. Keep in mind that many people fall into more than one category, for example: dry and sensitive type. To figure out what category you fall under take a paper towel and gently pat down your face as soon as you’re out of bed.

Normal Skin Type

If your skin belongs to a normal type, the paper towel will have no traces of oil. Luck is on your side if you have normal skin type. You will need minimal care as your skin possesses the following traits:

  • Smooth and soft with even complexion
  • Few to no imperfections
  • Barely visible pores
  • Experience little to no sensitivity

Dry Skin Type

If you have a dry skin type the paper towel will be free of oils, however, your face will feel flaky, scaly, and tight. You’ll need a good moisturizer and non-drying facial products to combat the following characteristics:

  • Dull, rough complexion
  • Red patches
  • Tight and less elasticity
  • Prone to aging and irritation
  • More visible lines

Oily Skin Type

If you have an oily skin type the paper towel will show traces of facial oil on it from your cheeks, forehead, and nose. Thorough cleaning and avoiding rich creams will help as your skin will have the following traits:

  • Thick, coarse and shiny complexion
  • Enlarged pores
  • Prone to black heads and other blemishes

Combination Skin Type

If you fall under this category, the paper towel will show spots of oil on it only from certain areas of your face. Typically women with combination skin will have excess oils around their t-zone (forehead and nose). While areas such as around the eyes and cheeks are dry. You will need different skin care regimens to combat both the dry and oily areas of your face due to the following traits:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Black heads
  • Shiny skin
  • Areas of dry patchy skin

Sensitive Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin, the paper towel will be free of any kind of moisture and may have flakes of dry skin on it. If you have sensitive skin you will have to be very careful with what products you apply to your face in order to avoid the listed traits:

  • Thin, delicate complexion
  • Reddish and scaly areas
  • Easily irritated
  • Feeling of tightness
  • Itching and burning

So, what is your skin type? Now that you know you can do some research and make the necessary changes to your skin care regimen, diet, and treatments for healthier, glowing skin!

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