Nail Color Combinations for Different Occasions

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Nail Color Combinations for Different Occasions

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Are you in the mood to rock an event tonight? You better be, Gorgeous! Pull out your best combination of clothes from the wardrobe upstairs, make those lovely feet light up with those Jimmy Choo shoes of yours or try out the second best collection. Get the make-up to perfection and put on your favorite lipstick; the red cherry one you love the most. Almost all done, but what’s missing. Something important! Ohkayyy…You can’t figure out the nail color to use. Am I right?

The Nail Color Combination:

This is probably the toughest of all the decisions a woman has to make while getting ready for an event, the nail color combination for different occasions. It is a teaser indeed. So let’s ease your worries a bit and help you get that combination right. Let’s have a look at different combinations of nail colors that would be best suited for you for various events.

A Wedding event:

The Wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. You are going to a friend or colleague’s wedding event, you better get that combination right. Although you look gorgeous, but one thing you need to consider is that it’s the bride’s special day and she needs to look unique on this day. Try out a nail color combination that makes you look pretty, but don’t overdo it, at least on this day. Keep the color combination soft and light. An off-white color with a touch of baby pink would give you the cutely cuddly look you’ve always wished for.

A Girls’ Day out:

You have a plan with your girls; this is surely going to be a fun day. Your nail color is specially going to be the centre of attention today. Duh...its’ a girls day out after all. Everybody will be thinking of a different color to try, but the deadliest combo would be a dark red on the inside and a deep purple funky color on the outside. Another combo could be simplistic light silver on the inside, with a glowey metallic grey on the outside.

The shopping spree:

Shopping is for girls and girls are for shopping. This is more for a girls day out plan again but focus here would be on somewhat shopping.  A good color combination to lift your mood could be a slight mustard color on the inside with a mixture of orange red on the outside. Try lighting up the mood with a few black dots in the middle as well.

A special date:

Well, this event does take a lot of your time and nails are utterly important to women today. You a sitting at a dinner table and your nails will be the most noticeable thing. A bright peach and pink mixture on the inside would give a classy look with a dark cherry red color on the outside. This killer look of yours is surely going to make some glasses spill today.

You are beautiful and no one can take that away from you. With a classic dress and shoes combination, your jewelry, lipstick and nail polish selection will make you stand out in your group.

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