Manicure Tips Every Girl Should Know

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As girls, we cannot deny the fact that we all love a freshly painted set of nails. There's something about having perfectly shaped and beautifully colored nails that makes us feel sexy and confident! After applying several coats and patiently waiting for the polish to dry, it gives us a rewarding sense of accomplishment and pride when we finally look at the finished product. It looks ravishing, and we feel amazing. It all sounds so good; however I am sure that women to women, we all can beg to differ. Applying nail polish is frustrating! The mess, the spills, the smudges, the multitude of times we need to erase and re-apply-the whole process can push even the most patient girl to her breaking point!

Although a manicure is a frustrating process, girls continually take on the challenge in order to indulge in a beautiful set of nails. Clearly, we aren't going to let the downside of nail art keep us from having perfect nails. Where there’s a will there is always a way, so let me give you ladies a few tips to make the whole process less of a pain in the butt!

Have you ever completed applying your nail polish only to step back, look, and realize that the skin around your nails match the colour of your nails? Getting excess nail polish off your skin is another frustrating and time consuming step. Lucky for us, there are ways to avoid the rough scrubbing and scratching! Before applying the nail polish onto your nails, take some Vaseline or petroleum jelly and apply it around your nails with a Q-tip. After doing so go ahead and apply nail polish onto nails. Once your nails are completed and dry, simply wash off the petroleum jelly and the spillage will come right off with it. Easy peasy!

Avoid dripping:
Did you know that there is a “right” side of the brush? Wipe of the excess nail polish on one side of the brush by skimming it across the edge of the bottle, then using the non-wiped side of the brush, apply colour to your nails. This will reduce the dripping and your nails will be clump free!

How to deal with smudges:
Unless you’re a professional nail artist, smudges are inevitable. They are bound to happen, so how do we deal with it without having to erase and start all over? When you've accidentally created a smudge, the quicker you act the better. At the first sight of a smudge, simply lick one of your fingers, and use that finger to gently smooth out the smudge and even out the surface. When the saliva reacts with the nail polish, the polish becomes softer, allowing you to blend away the harsh edges. Once the surface is smoothed out, take the same hue and paint over the smudged area. As you may have to lick your fingers a few times during the mani process, make sure you've washed your hands thoroughly before you begin and after you are done!

How to dry your manicure quickly:
I don’t know about you but for me 90% of all smudges happen during the wait time. You can’t move your hands, or use them to do anything when you’re waiting. Eventually you get bored and impatient. You think you can cheat the waiting time by finding ingenious ways to pick things up, and then the worst happens. Smudge after smudge after smudge. Believe it or not there is a way to FULLY dry your manicure in less than 2 short minutes! Before you begin painting your nails fill a bowl with water and ice. After you are finished applying the polish, wait a minute to allow the top of the polish to solidify. Next, dunk your nails into the ice cold bowl of water you prepared earlier. Keep your nails submerged for about a minute. The cold water will not only dry the top layer, but it will solidify the polish all the way through! Voila! Mani session successfully completed!

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