Makeup Brushes for Beginners


Anyone with even a little know-how of makeup knows that it largely depends on how it is applied, and its application depends a great deal on the brushes that are used to apply it. Anyone who wants to learn the basics of makeup to become a makeup artist or simply to apply their own makeup, needs to learn the basic kinds of makeup brushes and what each of them is used for.  There are various different kinds of makeup brushes and each of them serves a different purpose while applying makeup.

The precision of makeup application depends on these brushes. Their size, thickness or thinness of bristles, the cut of the bristles etc. all determine the kind of strokes that will appear on your face. Just think of your face as a canvas and yourself as an artist. An artist’s painting depends not only on the colours but also greatly on the kinds of brushes being used. Each brush will have a unique stroke and style. Similar is the case with makeup brushes. Each of the makeup brush is different and gives off a unique stroke to your face. Some are thin for more precision whereas others are broad to ensure a uniform layer of makeup.

Types of makeup brushes:

As mentioned, there are over a dozen different types of makeup brushes. Different companies offer different ranges of makeup brushes. However, for a beginner, it is important to know eight basic kinds of makeup brushes:

  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Blush Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Liner Brush
  • Precision Brush
  • Lip Liner Brush
  • Brow Comb/Spoolie


Each of these makeup brushes have a unique function to perform in makeup application. They are designed to flawlessly suit the human face and provide precision while applying makeup.

Purpose of each makeup brush:

These eight kinds of makeup brushes are ideal for creating any kind of desired makeup look and are a must for anyone who wants to learn how to use makeup.

  1. Powder Brush:

The first one in the list is the Classic Powder Brush. This is the easiest to use. This brush is full and fluffy. It is perfect to brush you face with powder or bronzer and equally distribute everything on the face. It has also be used to matte your makeup with powder.

  1. Angled Blush Brush:

This brush is also full and big and is used to apply blush to the face. The brush is set to an angle which helps you guide it alongside your cheekbones while applying the blush.

  1. Foundation Brush:

This is perhaps the first brush that you will have to use when you start the makeup. This brush type is used to apply the foundation and distribute is equally across the face. Be it liquid foundation or powder, this brush can handle it all.

  1. Eye Shadow Brush:

This brush is smaller than the ones mentioned above. It is circular in shape and is used to apply eye shadow all over your eyelid.  

  1. Angled Liner Brush:

This brush is angled so you can hold it at a specific angle to your eyelid and move away from the eye. It is ideal for applying cat eyeliner. This brush is sure to help you in applying the eyeliner beautifully.

  1. Precision Brush:

This makeup brush is small and delicate and is used to precisely apply small details to your makeup.

  1. Lip Liner Brush:

This brush has short and firm bristles and is small in size. It helps you outline your lips flawlessly. It offers grip so you can apply the lip liner easily.

  1. Brow Comb/Spoolie:

This helps you tidy your brows and eyelashes and take out any lumps of old mascara. It is used to give your lashes and brows a smooth look and to help in filling out the brows.


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