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Makeup Slipups

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How many of us have stepped out of our homes without a hint of makeup? Very few. And how many of us go out with at least a tiny bit of makeup? Mostly everyone! At least a subtle hint of lipstick or lip gloss is worn by us almost every day. It’s not because we don’t love our natural beauty or anything, it’s because we want to look our best! And this best is often ruined by our little mistakes. We have all wish we could have a flawless look that’s absolutely immaculate, but somehow there is always one little thing that ruins it. What’s ruining it is the tiny slipups that you make and have absolutely no idea about! These tiny slipups and glitches are the tiny hurdles you must jump over to get to your immaculate and perfect look. Here are some makeup slipups that you were making unknowingly:


If I were to be thankful for one beauty product that has been bestowed upon us, I would have to be thankful for Kohl. This product has been a true companion for those hungover days, those ‘I don’t feel like getting dolled up’ days and ‘I’m in a hurry’ days! It has been used over the years by prominent names to make a statement. Cleopatra used it to enchant her subjects with her eyes, and Elizabeth Taylor is known for those sultry kohl laden eyes. What do these two women have in common (apart from great stylists)? They used kohl smartly. Using too much can lead your natural eyes to looking shielded by them. Instead of making a statement, you’ll end up looking like a panda (don’t get me wrong, pandas are CUTEEE). Get to know your eye shape and then apply kohl. If you’re applying kohl on the inside of your bottom waterline then make sure that the eyeliner on the upper lid is thin, or in case of a winged eyeliner, it isn’t too dramatic. Always, always, always remember to apply kohl on the upper lash line no matter what. It’ll give a more defined and full look.

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Bold Lipstick

Remember Marylyn Monroe and her big bright lips? A bright, bold lipstick can totally glam up your look in an instant, but choosing a color that doesn’t suit you can do the opposite. Choose a color that you’re comfortable with. As pretty as a bright red seems, if you’re not comfortable wearing and handling it, DON’T! Makeup is all about making choices that you’ll be able to carry. If you still want something reddish, go for rouge. Make sure that you use a lip pencil to give a more outlined look and then apply your lipstick. Do not, I repeat do not apply a bold color on your lips without a lip liner.

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Eyelash Overload

Long gone is the time when thick fake eyelashes were in. Now it’s all about keeping them curled and natural. It’s okay if you skip putting on eye lashes. You could curl them up, put on your favorite mascara, put some talcum powder on them and apply a second coat of mascara. You’ll have natural and thick eyelashes in no time. If you’re still up to putting on fake lashes, then choose natural ones and snip them into smaller sections and then stick em on.

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Face Powder

There is no hard and fast rule about face powder. If you want to skip it, SKIP IT! Many women think it’s an absolute necessity and pack the powder on their faces. Using too much can highlight your wrinkles and lines. Go light on face powder. Just a dab or two will do just fine. Just remember, blending is the key and blend it well. The other slipup? Using one which is either a shade or two lighter/darker than the natural skin tone. THE HORROR! You want to look natural and not plastic! Take your time in choosing your face powder.

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Overdoing The Shimmer

The first thing we see in our eyeshadow palette? The shiny shadows. OOOO SHINY! As pretty as they look, shimmery eyeshadows are not to be used on a daily basis and should be restricted to when you want a glam look. Even then many of us load on the shimmer and end up looking like a walking talking glitter bottle. Shimmery is not glam. Glam is classy and whatever suits you. Remember this!

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