5 Makeup Tips You Should Know

Image of Girl Applying Makeup

There is always that one girl in the room that looks absolutely flawless from head to toe, with her makeup always on point. Her hair is on point, she’s dressed to a T, and her makeup is just astonishing. We all look at this girl and can’t help but wonder how she contoured her face, how she applied her eye shadow, and how she possibly managed to make her eyes look so captivating. We all assume that huge amounts of products and money are required to be able to create that flawless look, however, after flipping through numerous makeup articles and watching a gazillion beauty YouTubers, I've realized that this is far from true. Turns out that “perfect” girl just knew a few tips and pointers that made all the difference!

1. Tightline your Eyes:

After drawing in your eyeliner, take a pencil eyeliner and fill in your upper waterline! While you do this don’t forget to fill in the base of your lash line to connect to the liner on top of your lash line to the eyeliner on your water line. Aside from further defining your eye shape, tightlining also creates the illusion of fuller lashes. You’ll notice the difference instantly!
Image of Eyes

2. Combat clumpy mascara:

Replacing our old mascara and opening up and new one is always a good feeling. Why? New mascara is always so smooth and easier to apply. I am sure all girls notice that as their mascara gets older, it becomes dry, clumpy, and its dramatic effects become duller. Did you know that by adding 2-3 drops of Visine in your dried up mascara and wiggling your brush around will reverse these affects? Adding Visine or any other eye drop will replenish the moisture your mascara has lost over time. Now you can create beautiful clump-free lashes without buying a new tube every so often.

3. Get the False Eyelash Look with No Falsies:

Using a blow dryer, heat up your eyelash curler! When curling your lashes, hold the curler horizontal to the ground rather than perpendicular! Apply first coat of mascara. Be sure to be wiggling your brush side to side in order to get each and every eyelash. Once competed, quickly take a Q-tip or small make up brush and apply a dash of baby powder on to the first coat. Proceed by applying a second coat. If you really want a dramatic effect, seal it all in with a last layer of waterproof mascara! Voila – you've got gorgeous long lashes!

Image of Natural Eyelashes

4. Apply Blush According to your Face Shape:

Rosy cheeks can go a long way when you’re trying to achieve a natural, glowing look! Adding a bit of blush to your cheekbones will give your face some colour, making you instantly look healthier and happier. Now the tricky part is how and where to apply the colour in order to enhance your beautiful features! Here are some tips:
Image How to Apply Blush

5. Start Using White Eyeliner on your Waterline:

I know many of you are wondering what uses white eyeliner could possibly have, after all doesn’t BLACK eyeliner help your eyes stand out? Contrary to popular belief using black eyeliner on your waterline can actually make your eyes look smaller! When you use a white liner on your waterline it makes the white of your eyes look bigger, and your eyes a lot brighter!
Image of White Eyeliner

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