How to Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

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Tiny lips are good, but some people prefer their lips to look fuller. They will often try to make them appear fuller for certain occasions. If you are one of the many people that wish they had Kylie Jenner lips, follow through these simple tips, and you will be able to create the illusion of fuller lips.

  • Every one brushes their teeth, at least once in a day. Making a little small routine to our daily brush can help with plumping your lips up! How can this be done? You can do this by exfoliating your lips with your tooth brush! Softly and gently move the bristles of your brush over your lips. What do you achieve by doing this? Rubbing the bristles against your lips encourages the flow of blood to your lips, therefore making your lips appear bigger. However, err on the side of caution. The skin on your lips is quite sensitive, so excessive brushing can lead to damage of the skin.
  • Another trick you can do to accentuate your lips is to choose a lipstick with a shining, glossy finish. This will make your lips appear fuller! Also, if it is not necessary, try avoiding wearing dark colored eye glasses. This will make your lips look smaller in comparison to your face. Instead, try to use clear shades.
  • A fake shadow can also help with your lip problem! How do you do this? Take dark-brown eyeliner (waterproof) and draw a line beneath your lower lip. This will cast a shadow on your lips and make them appear bigger and fuller.
  • White eyeliner can also do the trick! If you’ve tried using dark-brown eyeliner and you don’t seem to like how you look, use white eyeliner instead. But this time, add the eyeliner to both of your lips – adding them above and below the two cupid bow shape that outline your lips. However, it should be noted that this white eyeliner should be applied, only after having applied the rest of your makeup regimen.
  • If all else fails, use a lip plumper! There are some lip glosses available in beauty stores with the lip plumper in them. They really work! You should be careful about whom you kiss after wearing this type of lip gloss, especially if you have young kids around because this type of lip gloss often stings at the first application.
  • In a last ditch effort to get those lips plump, try using a concealer! A concealer, when added to the lips thinly, can create the illusion of fuller lips. Therefore, try this method out on your next escapade. Instead of applying the concealer directly with your fingers, you may apply it using a brush. Also, make sure you blend the color of the concealer with the foundation you are wearing to make it look more natural. Try not to use a concealer that is lighter than the foundation that you are wearing, to avoid a disruption in colors.

One or more of these tips can be combined to achieve your desired look; you don’t have to stick with only one tip at a time. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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