Taking a Bath the Right Way

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Taking a Bath the Right Way

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One of- if not the most- divine things you can do when you get home from a long and stressful day, is to get into a hot bath and let it melt all of your troubles away in a steamy and blissful aura. I have to tell you one thing though, and it might burst your bubble: You’ve been taking baths the wrong way this whole time. Taking a bath the wrong way? All you have to do is turn the water on and that’s it, you might say to yourself. But yes, there are a lot of things you are doing wrong in the bath that have some long term effects on you. Here are some tips for better baths!

Drop It Like It’s HOT

As good as hot water feels on the skin, it may have a very severe effect on your skin if done regularly. You see, hot water dries out the skin and takes all the natural oils with it, leaving your skin more or less barren. And in the already dry season that winter is, you need to conserve all the moisture you can.  Opt for baths with water which is lukewarm at max, otherwise it will be too hot to handle. But what you can do is to moisturize yourself immediately after you have showered. You will have to do this regularly in order to maintain good skin. And while we are on the subject of moisturization….

Moisturize Me!

The best favor you can do to your skin is to hydrate it regularly. How are you supposed to use lotion and powder in the bath or shower though? Believe it or not, there are many types of soap that are moisturizing. I recommend using Dove’s Fresh Moisture Beauty Bathing Soap for your everyday showers and baths. It is a little pricier than what you would pay for, for a regular bar of soap, but totally worth it if you want glowing skin. Also, immediately after you get out of the shower, remember to use a body oil to further moisturize and enrich your skin. What this does is that it locks in the natural oils within your skin and adds to them, giving you natural and smooth skin for up to a weeks at a time. 

Pat Pat Pat!

One of the most common mistakes most people tend to make after they step out of a bath is to vigorously rub themselves dry with their towels. This robs what little moisture you might have left in your skin after the hot bath. The proper way to dry yourself is to pat yourself down with a towel. Yes, it is a slow and arduous process but it is better for your skin in the long run. I have seen people use towels made from all sorts of different materials such as silk (yes I have seen silk towels!); however, I recommend using cotton towels and only cotton towels. Other towels may feel and look nice, but they are actually more likely to irritate your skin rather than dry.

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