Tips for Keeping Dirty Elbows and Knees at Bay

Image of Elbows

We have all tried to lick our elbows right? Well ladies, this is a sure-shot simpler way to clean your elbows; even knees. You spend so much time taking care of your legs and feet but you forget those little joints that do all the work to keep them moving. With all that neglect, those little joints of yours begin to deteriorate; dust, dead skin and similar things collect on them and they begin to darken. But it is time to end your ways and give time and appreciation to those little joints.

Natural Remedies

When it comes to skin-care, natural remedies are the best way to make them whole again; same goes for elbows and knees. Since they darken due to friction, you can make them lighter again, simply by using a baking soda and milk solution. Baking soda is there to clean up the dirt and to wash out dead skin that must have settled there due to friction. The Milk is the whitening agent. After everything has been washed out, milk helps to whiten it back up. No matter what your skin color is, the elbows and knees will darken but you can take care of it.

Alternatively you can use turmeric, milk and honey to clean and whiten those elbows and knees. The Turmeric powder has anti-septic properties and is ideal to clean up those elbows. Honey too, has antiseptic properties and it moisturizes your skin, a two for one deal. Mixing these together will give you a pretty sweet concoction of skin cleaning power. The milk again will act as a bleaching agent and will clear up your skin.

The third concoction you can whip up is a sugar and olive oil mix. Mixing these two together in equal proportion will give you a thick gooey paste. The sugar will exfoliate and olive oil will moisturize. Slather this paste onto the elbows or knees for about 10 minutes and then wash out with soap and water.

Other Ways

You have probably heard of Pumice Stones and their effectiveness. They are the best way to remove and clean dead skin off your knees and elbows, but do not go at it raw. When you delve into a warm bath, your pores open up and as a result, your skin softens. This is where the pumice stone comes in. Once the skin is soft, take the stone and rub your skin gently; avoid rubbing too hard. Since the skin is quite soft at this point, rubbing too roughly with a hard stone could do more harm than good.

Oils and natural oils are a great way to clean your skin. Vaseline is also a good way to moisturize. After application of the Vaseline, you can go in to scrape off the excess skin with a scrubber. The key thing to remember when cleaning your elbows or knees is that you should never go too hard, because as mentioned earlier, you may end up tearing the skin and causing a rash. It is also important to remember to never forget to moisturize before you begin, because if you don’t, there may be too much friction and can cause more cuts and rashes.

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