5 Ways to Look Fresh After Being Hungover

Image of Hungover Girl

We’ve all had hungover mornings where even thinking something sends a ping of pain through your brain and standing up is as hard as coming out of a Game of Thrones wedding alive.  It can't be helped! Sometimes a party gets wild and you have to be a lively part of it. Well, what better way would there be to celebrate a party, to have a couple shots of your favorite drink. Dealing with hangovers can be a drag, but not anymore! Let’s have a look at 5 exciting tips with which you can party hard and still have a good day after.

1. The Hydration Factor

Hangovers are caused by de-hydration where your brain literally puffs up whatever fluids it can to stay functioning. Normal consumption is not as scary as it sounds but really high levels of dehydration cause serious damage.  If you are going out to the club with your girlfriends, for every one shot, drink a glass of water. Keep a water bottle handy so you can sip on it, whenever throughout the night. Not only will you feel good from lack of hangover the morning after, you will also look fresher because your face receives some of that hydration too.

2. Concealers Are A Woman’s Best Friend

If you cannot carry water or just do not have access to it, worry not! Using a concealer, you could hide the puffing under your eyes with ease. Just use a concealer with a hint of yellow so that it naturally blends into your skin. Some might advise using a pink concealer but yellow is much more effective in blending-in with your hangover-ed skin. And on the positive side, it also tackles dark bags under your eyes. So ladies, you’ve got a two-in-one special here.

3. Preferred Pillow Stacking

A really easy way to greatly reduce puffing is to rest your head on a number of pillows. Elevating your head when you go to sleep helps to regulate fluids around your eyes which significantly reduces the puffiness. Lying flat, you will have all fluids filling under the soft tissues below your eyes therefore causing them to puff.

4. Tea bags and Cucumbers For Puffy Eyes

This one is a little odd so bear with me. You have obviously heard of cucumbers on your eyes which is just as effective as the trick I am about to tell you but sometimes you do not have cucumbers. It is just how life is, Cucumber-less.  But wait! Here come tea-bags to the rescue. Yes, placing a cooled tea bag on each eye will help to reduce irritation, puffiness and is a just as effective as cucumbers in freshening up your eyes.

5. Use Sharp Lipstick Colors

Well, sometimes you are way too lazy to do any of the things mentioned above but still have to get out to go on with your daily life. But how do you take attention away from your obvious hungover state? The best way, like I said, is to draw everyone’s attention to those lovely lips of yours. And what better way than to color them with the wildest of colors. Experiment, wear something stunning and match it with the color on your lips. You will be surprised by the amount of people commenting on your lips and outfit and completely foregoing your skin and eyes.

Partying with friends is a must! But why worry if things get out of hands sometimes, or always. These amazing tips are just the right antidote for you to make the following day seem fresh and as absorbing as any other day. So, stay safe and keep rocking that party like you always do!

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