De-Stress Yourself: Handy Tips To Keep You Relaxed

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De-Stress Yourself: Handy Tips To Keep You Relaxed

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‘Rrrrriiinnngggg’ you hear your phone ringing and you instantly know it’s your boss calling to tell you the deadline has been moved back a bit. ‘HONNNNEEEEEEY, some kids were playing and they broke the window’, your spouse calls you from the living room. ‘Ting Tong’ the bell rings and you immediately know it’s that pesky neighbor of yours that just bores and irritates you. URGH, your mind is in a whirlwind and you just cannot seem to catch a break! Nothing is working out as you desperately try to find a way to de-stress and and you start missing the beach trip you took a few years ago and want to relax the same way!

Even though you cannot take that trip right away, what you can do is relax at home and de-stress just the way you did on your trip. Here are a few tips to get you relaxed.

Bubbly Baths To De-Stress

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How many times have you wished to just sit in that tub of yours with a glass of wine and relax? MANY? Well now’s the time to do so. Baths are known stress relievers. By cleaning your body, you’re psychologically cleaning your mind and body of any stress that prevails. Load up that tub with warm water, add your favorite bath salts and a few drop of essential oils as well.


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    Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health suggests that research has proven that daily meditation can alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resistant to stress. If you don’t have time to take a bath or try other ways to relieve stress, you can always meditate for a good 10 minutes.


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    No, I’m not hinting for you to see a minion movie (But you can, because it’s awesome!). I’m hinting for you to eat a banana or anything that is rich in potassium because it helps in regulating blood pressure. This is good, because in times of stress, our blood pressure levels often sky rocket. Research has shown that eating potassium rich foods at the time of stress can protect your body, both internally and externally from any negative outcomes of stress. Also people who have eaten a banana in times of stress have commented on how they actually saw their stress declining.

    Jam It Out

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    Music is the best stress reliever. This is why you see athletes and sportspersons having their headphones on just before a big game or race. Whether you’re into high intensity upbeat rock, or something more mellow like classical, put your headphones on and feel the beat. It’ll definitely help calm your nerves!

    Laugh Your Heart Out

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    Whether it’s a viral video, a FRIENDS reruns or cat videos on YouTube, laugh your heart out. It will change your whole outlook and get you pumped up to battle the demons (read: work and etc.) all day long. This is why many say that laughter is the best medicine (or was it therapy?!)

      We only have 24 hours in a day and sometimes that just isn’t enough. It’s perfectly okay, we understand! Don’t beat yourself over it and understand that you need to take care of yourself. Stress management is an important tool that should be a part of your life. Just CHILL out and love life!

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