Countering Overeating - A Modern-Day Curse

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Countering Overeating - A Modern-Day Curse

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Overeating can be characterized by compulsive eating that is uncontrollable. People will often stuff themselves in one sitting because they starved themselves and were extremely hungry. Now there are two types of overeating. One is where you have that extra plate during holiday dinners, even when you’re completely full. And the second one is regular and often comes with emotionally challenging situations. This is called Binge eating.

Binge eating basically means that a person becomes virtually powerless or not in control of themselves while eating huge excess amounts of food. Overeaters usually eat even after they are full and often without tasting the food, just stuffing themselves. After the overeating, people will feel extreme guilt and discomfort.  Some people who overeat with such mannerism have a clinical disorder called BED or Binge Eating Disorder.  This doesn’t mean everyone who overeats has BED. But overeaters will still share the same type of symptoms i.e. eating when they are stressed.

How to Manage Overeating

The first step is to acknowledge that “Yes, I have a problem”. Once you are done with that, you allow yourself to be helped. A few important methods that could be of great assistance to overeaters include:

Seek Counseling

Overeating is obviously unhealthy and it doesn’t just have a negative effect on your body; it often causes extreme stress and anxiety. Many overeaters will eat too much because of a deep-rooted emotional connection with food.  It’s okay; there is help available with psychology counselors. Seek it!

Avoid Dieting

Dieting is practically the worst thing you can do when you overeat. Restricting any sort of food consumption will trigger food cravings like never before and you might not have any control over yourself when it happens.

Moderation is Key

Do eat...but with a little moderation. Control your portion size and only eat until you feel satisfied; don’t stuff yourself. Focus on healthier food! Also know that it’s not bad to give in to your cravings. Just enjoy them in smaller portions!


Exercise might seem hard at first, but it’s the best activity to keep you motivated. The great thing about exercise is that you can see physical change when you lose fat and gain muscle. When you see yourself getting better on the outside, your inside will soon follow.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Once you are getting ready for a feast, just note down whatever you eat. Once you are done, you’ll be amazed and might even be appalled at the amount of food you just ate. It will be a motivation and a self-realization in itself.

Change Your Surroundings

Often the reason that overeaters binge is because they’ve been eating the same way for years. A habit is a type of behavior that is constant and consistent. Next time you feel like eating, try changing your environment. If you have friends that have the same habits as you, you might want to realize that your behaviors are toxic for each other. Work on getting better together!

It’s okay, don’t worry! There’s always help available, and there’s always a way to get better. All you need to do is to stay motivated. You have a whole life to live not only for yourself, but for your loved ones. You owe it to them. Stay healthy, eat healthy and keep on visiting for tips to a healthier lifestyle. Good Luck!

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