How to Follow-Through with your Dieting Goals

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It’s no-brainer that dieting goals and regular exercise is not only good for your health, but to also keep you in shape. We all want to look good and live a healthier life, but often many people find themselves not disciplined enough to stick to their diet and achieve those goals. If this is your story, don’t despair. Here are seven easy, healthy steps that will help you follow through with your diet goals.

Goal Setting

The first disappointment for many dieters comes pretty quickly. That’s because many people post their end goals as something unrealistic to achieve in a short amount of time. For example, a body image of Brad Pitt in Troy in three short months. Dieting and exercising is a slow and time intensive process that takes strong commitment and perseverance. So rather setting up yourself for disappointment, be soft on yourself and set something that you can realistically achieve in a given time, say 3 months.


Dieting is mostly about self-control, which is a really, really difficult task for most people. Straying from set goals will easily lead you back to square one. Many of us have the mentality that just one “bad” meal won’t hurt. If not disciplined, this mentality can become a trap. One seemingly harmless snack or skipping out on a day of exercise can lead to two, and two can become three. If you’ve set a goal and a plan the key is to stick to it!


Majority of people who diet find their results leveling at some point. This is as discouraging as setting an unrealistic goal for you. The most effective method should be such that gives leverage over plateaus and which gets progressively challenging. That being said refrain from pushing yourself too strongly and always remember - you should aim at losing your weight approximately 1 pound per week. If you are losing your weight more than 1 pound per week, you should consider increasing your food intake as it is important to achieve your weight goals in a safe and healthy manner. However if you are not losing your weight, you should consider decreasing your food intake slightly. Measure, evaluate, and re-structure your plan and goals. Be patient, results will come.

Sustainable Changes V.S Quick Easy Changes

As I have already mentioned earlier, losing your weight through dieting is a time intensive process that requires commitment and steadfast perseverance. Falling for a diet plan that promises to deliver fast results are often not healthy and temporary. Many people, who chose quick methods of losing weight, will often see results, only to lose it shortly after. Eating the right foods and exercising regularly is a lifestyle, not a temporary change. Sustainable dieting combined with exercise will yield you sustainable results.

Losing weight is not a quick and easy process. It requires unwavering dedication, and patience. Do not get demotivated by minor setbacks here and there, as it is 100% normal. All you have to do is get back into it with a positive go getter attitude! Do not be demotivated by the little change that you see, it is a collection of small changes that make up a big change! Good luck and don’t give up!

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