Beauty in a Compact Size – The Magic of Short Hair

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Beauty in a Compact Size – The Magic of Short Hair

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Every lady who has had short hair knows the struggles of keeping it in check. You would think it is easier to maintain a shorter hairstyle compared to a longer hairstyle, but that’s not always the case! Rather, the opposite is true, especially if you’ve recently changed it up from long to short. Worry not fellow short-haired friends! Here are some helpful tips on how to keep them in line, healthy and maintained.

1. Keep the length in check

It wouldn’t be called a short hairstyle if you let it grew out now would it? You will need to schedule a visit to your hairdresser every 4-5 weeks to maintain the original length it was cut at. The important reason behind keeping it short is that the rest of your maintenance depends on the length of your hair, since products and techniques you use will specifically target short hair. If you cannot visit a hairdresser, you can also learn to trim your hair just enough to maintain it in all of its glory. This way you can cut back on the expenses as well! Once you have the appropriate length figured out, you can consider using the following tips below.

2. Use of Products

You will have to be picky with your selection of products to keep that little head of hair in check.  Choose products like TRESemme’s Perfectly Undone line. These types of products will give you the perfect texture and softness you need to keep your hair looking fresh. This is beneficial for styling later on. Also, be very careful about the amount of product you use, since your hair is more sensitive than it was at longer lengths. Try starting out with a cherry sized dollop of product and adjust according to your needs. Conditioning is just as important of a step, so don’t forget about it!

3. Washing it: Dos and Don’ts

Your mother probably told you to wash your hair every single day. However, you might have guessed by now that this is not always the case with proper hair care. You see, washing it every day will deprive it of natural oils needed for a healthy head of hair. Washing every day can cause it to become dry and brittle, especially with shorter length hair. Apply an argan oil based product to deeply condition your hair. Also, you can never go wrong with a little coconut oil. Apply it a few hours before you shower and watch it work its’ magic on your scalp and hair.

Speaking of scalp, do not forget to wash that too, extensively. The scalp is the basic foundation of your hair and if you neglect it, you hair will suffer the consequences too. Adding a scalp exfoliation to your regime for short hair maintenance will help wash out the built up debris from dead skin and prevent dandruff. Knowing how to properly take care of your hair frees up a lot of time in the long run and gives you time to focus on the important things in your busy lifestyle.

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