5 Amazing Products for Stunning Curly Hair

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5 Amazing Products for Stunning Curly Hair


Curly hair is arguably the most difficult hair to main and it has the tendency to have this ‘untidy’ look to it.  Many ladies have problems with dust accumulation and dandruff, including myself! You can’t just run a hairbrush through, because it just comes out looking puffy. You can’t just tie it in place, because well, that’s not really the look you’re going for is it? It’s a last resort. Anything you try to do with curly hair just ends up making it look dry.

Years and years of experience with what I have on my head, combined with thorough research and careful application, I have found a few products every girl with curly hair should know about:

1. YS Park Ion Diffuser

An ion diffuser is a little bag-like extension for your blow dryer; it has a wire-like mesh at the top. It is used to cut down on drying time and is used to keep curls in their place. The best thing about this is that it only lets the heat from the blow dryer through, not the ‘air’, which actually causes all the hair to be puffy. This diffuser is to be used once you are done applying whatever products you use.

2. Biosilk Silk Therapy

It is used to re-vitalize and give a little more life to that dry hair. To use: Take a small amount in your palm (about the size of a coin) after drying your hair with a towel, and apply the biosilk silk therapy from mid length. Use of the towel is utmost important. The treatment can be used for any type of hair but it works amazingly well on curly hair.

3. Deva Cool No-Poo

Dry hair tends to be on the dull side, and that leads to it looking lifeless and un-moisturized.  The deva cool no-poo will give your hair a hydrated and life like appearance once it’s done with spreading its magic. When hair is wet, apply a nominal amount of this product from the tips of your hair to the roots. Special attention should be given to the roots, as this will try and keep the hair more alive. If further smoothness is required, a conditioner can be used.

4. Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

This product is indeed a blessing for women with curly hair, especially if you’re an ardent fashion freak. If you are always in the hunt for shaping up your hair into curly hair exclusive styles, then this product will prevent frizz and make them stronger by keeping them in one place. The recommended use of this product is to start by using a tiny amount and massaging it in your hair with your fingertips while the hair is still damp. Overnight treatment is the best recommended advice, as your hair will stay in place and no outside exposure will interfere with the treatment.

5. Curly Sexy Hair Detangler

If your curly hair is long and prone to knots, tying or tangling, this product is for you. Simply spray this product on your hair after drying it from tip to root, with a towel. Your hair will become too smooth and soft to tangle after using this product.

These are 5 amazing products for you to try and use on your gorgeous curly hair. You will definitely love the amazing things you can do with your hair after applying these products. So keep rocking and keep loving those curly locks!

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