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It’s always a hassle to care for underarms. You need to control the growth of the un-wanted and un-needed hair you have in your armpits. And what is more irritating is that they accumulate sweat and odor and post a bad impression on anyone around you. Much to your displeasure, there is not much you can do about it, or at least that is what you think. Here we have jotted down few important pointers for you to take care of those no good, irritating, smelly bad boys you take everywhere with you. Learn to take care of your underarms following these points.

Controlling Hair Growth

Shave or Wax your armpits regularly to avoid that irritating and embarrassing feeling or you could use a rather permanent solution such as laser hair removal.


Grabbing the good old shave razor and hacking at it like a lunatic with no sense of direction will certainly not be a wise decision. There needs to be a proper method you need to follow. Since hair will grow in different and varying directions, you will need to find a razor that can hit all those sweet spots and shave right. That means to carefully clean out every crevice of hair along the direction it grows and never against. Use a brand new razor if possible and always exfoliate the armpits before you shave.


The best way to wax your hair is to get the help of a professional who knows how to do it and what preventive measures they need to take before they start to wax you. Sure, you can do it at home but if you are not well informed and not well trained, it can lead to some nasty boils. You do it the right way and we are talking about you being hairless for up to a month in those armpits.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is the most effective way to permanently remove any unwanted hair. That’s right; it removes your hair forever after a few regular sessions. The catch22 here is that this method might turn out to be pretty expensive. So people, keep your pockets loaded before getting on this road.

Controlling Odor

Controlling odor is actually very simple and easy to do. First off, use deodorants, which as the name implies are supposed to remove or hide body odor. You can still use scented talcum powder if you are not a fan of deodorants but in either case, apply the deo 10 minutes after you have scrubbed your underarms clean in the shower. Controlling odor is directly proportional to the amount of hair you have in your armpits. The more the hair, more the smell!

Controlling the Color

Underarm dis-coloring is caused by a number of reasons. First, the most obvious of reasons, is the pit-hair stubble, which you already know how to control! Other reasons include tanning by the sun. Just like the rest of your body, your underarms can get a bit tan too. The best way is to apply a gentle amount of sunblock for whenever you want to wear that cute sleeveless summer dress. The third reason for discoloring is your skin reacting to products and sometimes hormonal misbalancing. Always consult your dermatologist before you plan to use a new or un-known product for those underarms and your doctor to check for reasons for hormonal disturbance.

So before you start working on those pits, re-think what method you’re going to use when you’re taking care of em!

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