Tips and Tricks: Dyeing Your Hair Dark

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Dark hair makes your eyes pop, your skin look more luminous and creates a beautifully dramatic frame for your face. That being said, becoming a bottle brunette is not without its challenges. Here are some tips and things you will need to consider before dyeing your hair dark.

Find your perfect shade.

Choose the shade of your dye very carefully. Ask any colorist what shade she uses and you’ll probably get a complicated answer: most dark shades are a mixture of multiple colors that apply to different color concerns. Someone who has brassy hair may want a base color that’s ashier or violet-based to counter the gold tones. Someone with a lot of grays may need a splash of gold to effectively cover up their silver strands. Also, you will need to think about your brows if you’re making a significant color change, and you’ll either need to dye your brows to go along with your new hair or find a new product to fill them in with. Brow-dyeing should never be attempted at home so make sure you see a professional.

The dark dye can be rough on your skin.

Dark dyes contain a molecule called p-phenylenediamine (PPDA or pPD). This compound is also found in most dark-colored cosmetics and tattoo inks, but it can cause a nasty skin reaction. Though full-on allergic reactions are rare, they are very dramatic when they do occur. To complicate matters, allergies can develop over time. Always does a patch test before covering your head in the dye. If you feel any undue burning or itching, or if your face swells or gets red, contact a doctor.

Upkeep will be more time consuming.

Prepare yourself for visible roots. You’ll need to re-up your color every three to four weeks to keep your color fresh and your roots concealed. In between you can add some color with a hair glaze. Also, going from dyed dark to light hair again is almost impossibly difficult. Not only do you risk a stage of brassy locks but it’s also incredibly rough on your hair. Consider a small change by adding some lowlights that are two to three shades deeper than your hair rather than going for one solid dark color.

You may need to switch up your makeup routine.

The makeup that looked good with lighter hair may look too intense with darker hair. If your bright colored blush looks too severe, trade it in for a subtle bronzer. Be open to experimentation and try different shades of eye makeup and lipstick.

So in conclusion, if you are feeling like a dramatic change is in order, rest assured that dark hair compliments many complexions much more readily than blonde hair. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new and exciting colors that will make you feel like a new and bolder person.

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