dyeing your hair dark -

Dark hair makes your eyes pop, your skin look more luminous and creates a beautifully dramatic frame for your face. That being said, becoming a bottle brunette is not without...
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How To Get Thicker Eyebrows -

Many women deal with hereditary sparse brows, or it may be the result of years of over plucking with tweezers, and even certain medical conditions may cause sparse brows that...
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natural hair remedies -

We are all very well aware that harsh chemicals and hair products can do a number on our luscious locks, and whether you are dealing with dull lifeless hair, or...
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ginger, hair -

Some might think of ginger as just an ingredient to put in food. What most people won’t do with ginger is put it on their hair! Ginger is pretty miraculous...
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shaping eyebrows -

We have heard many times that the eye can tell a lot about a person’s feelings, but what they don’t tell you is that the shape of an eyebrow does an...
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short hair -

Every lady who has had short hair knows the struggles of keeping it in check. You would think it is easier to maintain a shorter hairstyle compared to a longer...
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